Virtual Panel: COVID-19 and Its Implications to Finance Operations

From Processing AP to Managing the Close Remotely

Digital transformation was already on the agenda of finance executives. They’ve been talking about it, they’ve been thinking about it. Tools and technologies have been starting to be deployed. The levels of adoption are lower than they should be based on where we are with the technology in place. This experience with COVID-19 has changed that dynamic. People are now realizing they can’t put this on the back burner anymore. You’re going to see companies looking at tools like Adra, looking at tools like RPA, looking at AP automation tools with greater sense of urgency and need. – Eric Liebross, Auxis

Due to COVID-19, many finance & accounting (F&A) teams across the globe are struggling with a dispersed, remote finance operation. Now, more than ever, standardization, automation, visibility across the organization and access to real-time data and insights are essential to run your business.

During this virtual panel, you will hear Trintech and Auxis discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted finance operations from AP to General Accounting
  • How this current pandemic is exposing gaps in organizations’ financial close processes
  • How technology not only allows accountants to work together in a standardized, organized procedure, but also grants CFOs and Controllers the control and visibility into the close process
  • Key automation tools to consider – from financial close management platforms to RPA
  • How to create short and long term strategies to build a more resilient organization

Dan Day – Managing Director, Auxis

Eric Liebross – VP of Business & Finance Transformation, Auxis

Darren Heffernan – Mid-Market President, Adra