Webinar: How to Prepare Your Organization for the Future of Financial Automation

Joint Webinar with The Hackett Group

It’s no secret that the office of finance has lagged behind other business units when it comes to adopting new technology that can improve how their department conducts their day-to-day work. This lack of automation comes at a time when the average office of finance is struggling to keep up with the growing pressures of their increased workload while constantly being told to “do more with less.”

Given the growing interest in where organizations are in their Record to Report automation journey, what challenges they are facing, what goals they have in mind when looking to improve, and to better understand what the future of R2R automation looks like, Trintech surveyed almost 200 companies across 31 countries to benchmark where organizations are in terms of maturity, where companies see the biggest roadblocks to improvement, and where automation can be adopted in the future.

During this webinar, The Hackett Group and Trintech will discuss:

  • The biggest challenges organizations are currently facing in the month end process
  • Key trends the office of finance can expect over the next 5 years
  • The maturity of automation in the office of finance
  • Key areas to improve in your R2R process by 2025

Syril Mathai – VP of Global Partner Engagement, Trintech

Bill Marchionni – Account-To-Report Global Advisory Program Leader, The Hackett Group

Robert Michlewicz – Chief Strategy Officer, Trintech