Webinar: Maximizing the Value of Your ERP Investment for a More Accurate and Timely Financial Close

The complexity of global operations and multiple ERP vendors, instances, and versions creates challenges for getting a clear picture of your organization’s financial health. As organizations grow, the number of systems they use to store and share business process information also increases, resulting in different teams using different systems for storing and sharing data. This not only introduces material risk, but also creates a manual process causing rework, inefficiencies and low employee morale.

In order for organizations to both maintain a reliable system of record (ERP), and ensure potential benefits for the Office of Finance are maximized, the ERP must be supported with strong investments in dedicated systems that address the needs of your finance and accounting teams.

During this webinar, Trintech discusses:

  • Challenges organizations face from manually closing their books outside their ERP
  • How Cadency works seamlessly with your ERP to automate your financial close process while ensuring data integrity across the entire process
  • How pre-built ERP Connectors can help consolidate data from multiple ERPs
  • Best-in-class examples

Syril Mathai – VP, Global Leader – Strategic Solutions, Trintech