Navigating Current Macroeconomic Challenges as a CFO – It’s Not Easy Sailing These Days


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Growing inflation, rising interest rates and the risk of recession combined with the ongoing challenges around integrating ESG and other regulatory changes continue to put a massive strain on the Office of Finance. Looking ahead, it is critical that Finance leaders invest in consistent risk preparation and leverage technology to increase operational efficiencies in order to be more agile and proactive.

View this webinar where Trintech will discuss some of the key organizational risks to the business including strategic, compliance and operational risk and why it is critical for Finance leaders to champion modernizing processes and adopting proven technologies that save time and money, increase agility and value of work, and improve employee retention and morale, while reducing organization risk overall. It’s true that it is not easy sailing these days – but with the right plan in place you can chart a course for success.


David Woodall, Trintech