Your Financial Close Process Doesn’t Need to be Spreadsheets, Post-it Notes, and Coffee


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Why Modern Accounting Teams are Simplifying their Month-End with Financial Close Software

Month-end can be hard. Especially if you are using traditional accounting tools such as spreadsheets, binder methods, and other rudimentary processes that have accountants spending weeks uploading, locating, and reconciling transactions manually. Let alone working out who does what to get the month closed out.

This often leads to late nights, wearing down employee morale and causing burnout. On top of that, finance leadership has limited visibility into the overall status of activities without update meetings – and they don’t see the work that goes into closing out the month.

We’d like to show you there’s a better way. Modern finance & accounting teams have learned how to save time, trust their numbers, and increase their productivity with Trintech’s Adra Suite.

During this webinar, we will uncover how Trintech can help you:

  • Improve your reconciliations by stopping the reliance on broken spreadsheets and start your day with only the exceptions.
  • Save time on mundane, manual tasks through the power of automation.
  • Gain increased visibility into the status of the financial close.
  • Trust your numbers are correct every single month-end.
  • Provide detailed analytics that will enable your finance teams to add value to the organization.


David Woodall, FCCA
Director, R2R & Finance Operations Advisory, Trintech

Thembani Mtetwa
Thembani Mtetwa
EMEA Pre-Sales Consultant, Trintech