Why CFOs Need to Make a Better Case for Investment in the Financial Close

FSN Panel

The automation gap in the financial close process has never been greater. FSN’s research finds that only 13% of finance organisations consider that they have fully exploited automation opportunities, with 47% saying they could do you more and a third conceding they could do a lot more.

Furthermore, less than 50% of automation initiatives meet their objectives, but with data volumes ‘running away’ and the promise of more regulatory reporting changes in the pipeline, there is a pressing need to drive change.

So, the obvious question is how can CFOs better convince the rest of the board of the urgent need for change and what conditions would increase the chances of success?

During this panel Gary Simon (FSN) will be interviewing three exceptional individuals with deep knowledge of the Record-to-Report (R2R) process

  • Saskia Poelman is VP Global Finance at adidas and has specific responsibility for the R2R process. She was previously CFO at AS-X and global transition leader at AksoNobel.
  • Dr Harald de Rooij, is Director Group Finance and Control at UNIT4 and, prior to that, was treasurer at UNICEF Nederland
  • David Woodall, is Director Product Marketing at Trintech and before that was Director, R2R & Transformation at GSK.