Your Trusted Matchmaker Through Accounting Automation, presented by Trintech and Bakerfield Solutions


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View this on-demand webinar brought to you by Trintech and Bakerfield Solutions in the perfect 3 way match, as we discuss how to:

  • Ensure the quality and consistency of source data
  • Maximize technology to automate multiple matching algorithms and rule sets
  • Manage exceptions by identifying, investigating, and resolving unmatched items
  • Deploy Suggestive Manual Matching to find possible resolutions to items that have been left unmatched through the various algorithms

As an integral part of a commercial business, accounting teams are expected to manage large volumes of transaction data, keep up with changing payment trends, provide business-critical insights as the economy shifts, and more.

Let Adra by Trintech and Bakerfield Solutions play matchmaker for your accounting team. Adra Matcher’s newest feature, Suggestive Manual Matching, provides suggested matches based on established match rules to enable faster manual matching of any outstanding line items.


Renee Olmos, Product Owner, Trintech

Derek Milioni, Technical Account Manager, Bakerfield Solutions