The Accountants Guide: 4 Things Every CFO Needs to Know to Succeed Now and in the Future

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CFOs today are not only embracing new technologies but, in many cases, are also leading their company’s digital landscapes. Between 2016 and 2021, for example, the share of finance leaders who say that they are responsible for their companies’ digital activities has more than tripled – going from 9% to 31% – according to McKinsey research. They need to use data and reporting to provide insights that drive critical business decisions. Finance teams need to evolve and embrace these changes in order to guide decisions in a more digital, real-time environment.

“CFOs that strive to capitalize on new and emerging technologies, tools and ways of working will be better positioned to transform their teams into high-performing finance functions.”

– PwC

This guide from CFO Dive and Trintech will discuss the importance of:

  1. Operational agility and resilience
  2. Insights generation and strategic business partnership
  3. Training employees to be proficient with analytical software, automation solutions, data management and data analysis
  4. Accelerating change by finding and encouraging business investments in new, beneficial technology tools that drive efficiency and growth