Leveraging Advanced Technology to Succeed In A Complex Financial Environment

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The complexity of global operations and multiple ERP vendors, instances, and versions creates challenges for getting a clear financial health picture.

Dedicated finance teams often struggle with the level of manual effort required to maintain the accuracy and visibility of financial data across the organization. As a result, some organizations turn to specialty financial close software to ease the burden on their accounting teams and to improve the overall visibility and accuracy of their financial information.

Financial close solutions can bridge the ERP complexity that exists in organizations today without the need for expensive and time-consuming ERP projects that take years to occur and are most likely deprioritized in today’s fiscal reality.”

Key Findings of Forrester’s Research

  1. Organizations struggle significantly with financial close
  2. Complex environments cause two key strategic challenges
  3. Adopting advanced technologies can benefit the entire organization
  4. The financial close process will be overhauled in the age of AI

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