Adra Analytics

Understand every detail of your financial close
with endless reporting capabilities.

You want further visibility into your financial close process in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, spot areas for improvement, and increase the efficiency and quality of your financial close.

Adra Analytics by Trintech puts control back in your hands with accurate, up to date reporting capabilities that ensure you have full visibility into your close process.

  • Use the time saved from digitalizing your financial close with Adra to achieve a best-in-class financial close process.
  • View your data from other sources, such as your ERP, giving you insight into your month-end right alongside non-close related activities.
  • Measure close process efficiency and quality as a starting point for continuous improvements over time. You can use analytics to evaluate the quality and timeliness of your reconciliation over time.

Narrow in on the details you need, as well as zoom out and see the bigger picture of how your month-end is impacting your company's financials. Track every activity throughout one period or over several periods.


View information pertaining to your close in the reporting tool of your choice. We will get you started with pre-configured reports, you can also configure reports yourself in tools such as Power BI, Excel, or Tableau.


Fully access information from your reconciliations and close tasks through a BI toolkit such as Power BI or Excel. This means you can create any perspective that you want and track against KPIs of your choosing.

Adra Analytics

Understand and improve your financial close with increased visibility into all of your processes.

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