Built on Now™: What It Means for ServiceNow® Customers and How Digital Workflows for Finance Drives Value

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For ServiceNow® customers, the term “native application” is probably familiar.

CadencyDirect is Built on Now. But what does Built on Now mean?

However, you might not know that ServiceNow has a dedicated program that allows partners to build native applications on the Now Platform® — that program is called Built on Now™.

But what does “Built on Now™” mean? And which ServiceNow applications have earned that designation?

What is the ServiceNow Built on Now™ Program?

Built on Now™ applications have received ServiceNow’s highest technical certification. The program recognizes partners with proven ServiceNow expertise that creates value for customers across different industries.

“There are enormous benefits to customers utilizing the platform capabilities to configure or extend existing applications that ServiceNow provides. In addition to this, customers have an untapped resource available to them in solutions built by our Partner Ecosystem. Here they can find, via the ServiceNow store, some incredible solutions aligned with verticals, industry specific practices, or boutique capabilities. Many of the solutions solve real and specific needs which have been developed in the field during implementations.” – Chris Pope, Global VP of Innovation at ServiceNow

These apps undergo rigorous testing processes in order to earn this designation. Built on Now™ solutions are proven to meet very strict security and performance best practices. In terms of reliability and value optimization, a Built on Now™ application is the highest designation an application in the ServiceNow® store can earn.

“A Built on Now™ application is one that is built, natively, on the Now Platform. In other words, it’s an application that has the primary business logic, user experience and end customer value all driven/experienced/designed on ServiceNow.” –ServiceNow

What Applications are Built on Now™ That Drive Automated Financial Close Workflows?

CadencyDirect® by Trintech is the only Built on Now™ application for the ServiceNow Platform that is designed specifically to elevate the Office of the CFO and drive digital workflows for finance. Not only does the application enable automated financial close workflows, but it opens up the data that is typically siloed in the finance and accounting department to other key stakeholders within the organization.

Historically, there has been very little visibility into the financial close process holistically for C-Suite leadership, and even less insight into financial data that business departments in the organization can leverage to guide their decision-making. CadencyDirect is designed to meet those needs, all while optimizing finance processes like reconciliation, close management, intercompany and compliance inside the Office of the CFO.

CadencyDirect connects financial transformation to digital transformation for the entire enterprise. By facilitating this point of connection, the organization as a whole is able to achieve a new level of value in the market.

“Over the past year, we have seen companies reassessing digital transformation opportunities, specifically how to manage key financial processes. CadencyDirect builds automated workflows between historically siloed disciplines by linking and automating the financial close process, while illuminating key data through R2R dashboard views within the Now Platform®. This enhanced visibility into critical financial data creates a connected organization that opens the door to enterprise-wide transformation and is why we have partnered with Trintech to drive workflows for the Office of the CFO.” –CJ Desai, Chief Product & Engineering Officer at ServiceNow

Learn more about how your organization can leverage the only native Built on Now™ application for the Office of the CFO.

Written by: Ashton Mathai