CadencyDirect® for the Office of the CFO

CadencyDirect by Trintech is a native Built on Now® application designed for the unique needs of the Office of the CFO

Financial Close Automation to Elevate and Streamline CFO Workflows

Today’s finance teams are being challenged to transform alongside the business they support while also staying focused on completing their core functions. While some may argue that they are already providing the strategic guidance their business requires, in reality, they are often being pulled in to simply provide data rather than holding a position at the table to drive strategic business decisions.

To achieve operational excellence, and become a strategic advisor for the organization, leading finance teams are automating processes to improve speed and accuracy, improving workflows for better visibility and communication and adapting their workforce for a digital age.

Improve Visibility and Close Faster

CadencyDirect enables finance operations management capabilities that scale with your business and power financial transformation.

As a native Built on Now® application, CadencyDirect is uniquely designed to address the needs of the Office of Finance while leveraging existing ServiceNow triggers and workflows allowing organizations to:

  • Gain visibility and insights into their month-end process
  • Eliminate the risk of unmanaged manual intervention
  • Increase efficiency of accounting and other supported processes, regardless of where they sit in the organization

Powered by Cadency®, Trintech’s industry-leading Record to Report (R2R) automation solution, CadencyDirect reduces the risk of human error within finance processes and creates a connected, collaborative ecosystem by leveraging deep automation, integration capabilities, and digital triggers and workflows.

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CadencyDirect integrates accounting teams with the entire ServiceNow ecosystem. This means areas of the Office of Finance that are related but not directly part of the R2R process (i.e., Consolidation, FCPM, Intercompany) can easily be accessed, creating a more holistic approach to the financial close process.

Breakthrough Workflows. Proven ROI

reduction in time preparing and reviewing journal entries
reduction in preparation time on reconciliations
reduction in time needed for rework

A System of Accounting Intelligence to Power Your Digital Transformation

Controllers, accountants and analysts are not going to be replaced by robots, but their roles are evolving — and for most, that is a welcome change. To support this evolution, technology must be leveraged to allow finance professionals to spend less time maintaining spreadsheets and more time thinking about the quality of the data and its implications.

CadencyDirect is a native Built on Now® application that allows ServiceNow® customers to get all the advantages of the Cadency System of Accounting IntelligenceTM with the added benefit of triggers and workflows in the Now Platform.

As the only financial close automation app for digital workflows, CadencyDirect connects the Office of Finance with the rest of the enterprise like never before.

CadencyDirect Capabilities for R2R Visibility & Triggered Workflows

Balance Sheet Overview

Detailed summary dashboards for Balance Sheet overview provide ServiceNow® users with visibility and actionable insight into the account certification status of assets, liabilities and equity GLs with expanded views and drill-down capabilities.

Account Reconciliation Visibility

Rolled up summary dashboards for Certification and Reconciliation status provide visibility, without Balance Sheet context, and enable drill-down capabilities through the Certification widget which breaks out reconciliation stats for accounts by status.

Triggered Workflows in the ServiceNow® Platform

Pre-built automation triggers and monitors workflow tasks in ServiceNow based on financial close data, such as the current period status becoming closed, and provides workflow and task tracking dashboards for continually monitoring and detailed tracking of tasks and workflows.

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“For finance organizations, CadencyDirect complements and extends financial operations management by addressing the shared needs of the CFO, CIO and CAO and enabling their teams to digitize workflows impacting the financial close process – thus creating visibility and improved synergies that help companies achieve a more effective operating enterprise.”

–Robert Michlewicz, Chief Strategy Officer at Trintech

Discover the System of Accounting Intelligence

System of IntegrationSystem of Integration

A System of Integration (SOI) allows for communication between your Systems of Record, such as your ERP, and the System of Controls. It consists of APIs and ERP Connectors, reducing the cost, time and risk of data integration.

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System of ControlsSystem of Controls

A System of Controls (SOC) combines financial close activities into a single process, including operational matching, intercompany management, balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries, close task management, and compliance.

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System of AutomationSystem of Automation

A System of Automation (SOA) leverages advanced automation like Bots and Risk Intelligent RPA™ and is used to automate previously manual tasks in order for accounting teams to focus their time and effort on tasks that are strategic to the business.

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Financial Controls AIFinancial Controls AI

Financial Controls AI (FCAI) is the next revolution in financial close automation. Use machine learning algorithms to examine trends in your data over time, identify abnormalities, and automate workflows based on the associated risk.

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