Trintech’s Chicago User Group

Blog post

Representatives from more than a dozen Trintech customers gathered in Illinois last week to meet, discuss and learn from each other during the Chicago User Group meeting.

Following an introduction that covered who was in attendance, what solutions everyone used, how long they’ve had the product and what their expectations for the meeting were, Product Owner, Jon Sykora walked the attendees through the product roadmap. Customers were able to take a look at where Trintech’s innovative solutions are heading and other exciting features on the horizon.

Director of Customer Success, Molly Smith, then walked the group through Trintech’s continued priority to put its customers first. Smith discussed several key Customer Success initiatives, including upcoming Accreditation Training programs and the Innovation Portal.

“There are few things more valuable than bringing customers together to network with each other, share their experiences and help each other take the next step with their Trintech solution,” Smith said. “I had the privilege of sharing all the advances we are making in Customer Success this year. From the introduction of the KnowHow Newsletter to the new Accreditation Program, we are focused on ensuring that our customers are achieving their desired business objectives and having a best-in-class experience while doing so.”

The focus of the day then shifted during our “Five Key Steps to Financial Transformation,” where Sykora led the group through successful implementations and uses of R2R software and Risk Intelligent RPA™.

Finally, customers split up into breakout sessions where they had the chance to sit down with Trintech experts and discuss their specific solutions. Customers were able to ask about product changes, best practice uses and discuss amongst each other where they find the most benefit in their solutions.

Customers found the meeting helpful and enjoyed the networking opportunity.

“[The meeting] was beneficial and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from Trintech and fellow users,” one customer representative said. “Networking is important. I appreciate having these regionally – we were able to drive down and back from Madison in one day!”

The Chicago User Group meeting was the first of several meetings taking place across the country. To see if there’s a meeting place near you, check out our Events page to register now.