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Cadency Certification

If you are concerned that your reconciliation processes may be creating balance sheet inaccuracies that will lead to costly misstatements, you are not alone. In spite of the predictability of its monthly, quarterly and annual occurrences, the financial close process is still remarkably chaotic and inherently risky for many organizations around the world. However, today more and more companies are discovering the benefits of automating their reconciliation process, especially those who use Cadency Certification.

To help you improve the integrity of the account reconciliations that create your Record to Report process’ crucial foundation, Trintech has created Cadency Certification for reconciliation, an innovative solution that automates General Ledger reconciliations. Cadency Certification, part of our powerful System of Controls, can improve the speed, quality and accuracy of your financial close by automating the entire general ledger reconciliation process while providing real time visibility into your close process.

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