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Transformative Control for the Banking and Financial Service Industry’s Office of Finance

Revolutionize your close process with the only System of Controls that combines all financial close activities into a single seamless platform.

Effectively Manage Your Financial Close to Provide Valuable Insight to the Business.

As the money movers, both corporate and personal, banks hold enormous sway over the economic environment. However, that power is often wielded irresponsibly as financial professionals cling to their outdated manual processes to complete their period end. Regulatory compliance and financial risk are ever-present and ever-changing threats within banking and finance; however, increased security and efficiency can be gained through automating the financial close.

Any institution that plans to scale up needs to have the means to efficiently complete their reconciliations, monitor their task lists and establish risk management controls throughout the entire process – this cannot be done when manually maintained spreadsheets are involved in any point of the process.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the benefits of implementing automation within the financial close process to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your office of finance.

Resources for Banking & Financial Services


Preventing Fraud in Banking with Automated Risk Management

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Cost Effective Financial Close in Banking & Finance: 6 Best Practices

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Cadency Reconciliation Certify

Take control of your error-prone and complex reconciliation process.

Improve the integrity of all financial statements by automating account reconciliations, balance sheet certification and variance analysis. By reducing your dependency on spreadsheets and minimizing inherent risks of conducting this process manually, Cadency Certify gives management real-time visibility into the financial close.

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Increase Close Process Efficiency with Cadency

Collaboration capabilities within Cadency Reconciliation Certify allow users to be added to preparer and reviewer user groups assigned to the same reconciliation, while still maintaining the segregation of duties for audibility. This reduces administrative work and time and cost of the close and also optimizes resource allocation.

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Webinar: Driving Digital Transformation: How Financial Software Optimizes Your Virtual Close

Date: Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Time: 8:00am PT | 10:00am CT | 11:00am ET | 4:00pm GMT | 5:00 CET

Join Trintech’s webinar to learn why organizations are prioritizing digital transformation in the Office of Finance and how financial software can optimize your virtual close and enable strategic support for the wider organization.