Demo: Transform Your Period-End with Cadency Close

Cadency Close helps you approach each period-end with greater confidence and more visibility into any bottlenecks through a dashboard-driven management framework. Cadency enables the orchestration and management of all system and close activities with reliable, repeatable, and highly visible workflows to create actions for quicker issue resolution.

When finance and accounting teams can maintain a constant communication flow, it greatly reduces missed deadlines and ensures the accuracy of financial statements.

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Dashboard Views

View the status of outstanding tasks and any potential bottlenecks or delays through real-time management dashboard views, eliminating the need for in-person status update meetings.

Centralized Task Lists

Build out and standardize your own task lists for your team with clear and concise instructions on how to complete the task, creating ownership and accountability within your team.

Notifications & Alerts

Collaboration just got easier! Configure your own customized email notifications to alert team members to when a task is upcoming or overdue, allowing your team to stay on track.

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“The control and visibility on the reconciliation items is hugely valuable to us. Before, we had zero visibility into this and now it is visible with a touch of a button.”

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“We use Cadency to get full visibility into where we are at in the financial close process, not just during the 7-day close cycle but throughout the month. We have tasks that are scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually – it is a fully integrated process for us, and we use it globally.”

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“Now we have the opportunity to embark upon further business transformation initiatives within Cadency, partner with SAP®, and have companywide support behind us to increase the rate of transformation as we go forward over the next few years.”


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Cadency Close is part of Trintech’s comprehensive Cadency Platform, the only Financial Corporate Performance Management solution that enables the integration of all your Record to Report activities into a single seamless process.