The Fatland Group Moved from a Spreadsheet-Based, Fragmented, and Unstructured Process into a System with more Control and Overview

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The Fatland Group moved from a spreadsheet-based, fragmented, and unstructured process into a system with more control and overview.

About Fatland

Fatland is Norway’s largest private meat company with over 1,000 employees and contractors in Ølen, Oslo, Sandefjord, and Jæren. A total of 17 companies and one affiliated company are currently included in the group, which has been challenging for Chief Financial Officer Roar Malmin to keep track of. Before Adra, Fatland had different binders and manual systems. Simply a cumbersome process with a high risk of error.

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From Chaos to Structure

“We only had a total reconciliation once a year, which was far too little. We discovered that there were things on the balance sheet that shouldn’t be there and that impacted other areas of our financial processes.”

Now the situation is completely different. Fatland has moved from an spreadsheet-based, fragmented, and unstructured process into a more controlled and transparent system. CFO Malmin can check within a minute how all companies are positioned in the various processes. If something lags behind, Malmin can quickly put measures in place.

“I see on the dashboard how everything fits and is a lot faster than before. We simply have a better overview now,” says the CFO.

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Seamless contact with the accountant

Better control, more automation, and better visibility allows Fatland to have total reconciliation ten times a year. A major improvement from the annual review of the past. Using the Adra solution, the Fatland Group has achieved a considerable reduction in audit time.

Now they no longer send auditors things by e-mail. Instead, the auditor has full access to the figures in Adra Balancer, and can follow developments directly.

The problem of handling several versions of the numbers is gone. Now there is only one version that applies, and it is live and updated in Adra Balancer at all times.

Extremely user-friendly

The CFO emphasizes the ease of use in Adra Balancer as a crucial success factor in the process of managing the transition from manual, time-consuming processes.

“We are extremely satisfied with the Adra Balancer, it is truly top notch. It’s hard to see how the usability could be better in some way. It was easy to learn and easy to get going! The learning curve is very short, and it’s absolutely worth it,” says Malmin.

With Adra Task Manager, our processes have become very clear across all companies in the group. We have a complex balance, so this control is crucial for us.

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