MAX Burgers Increases the Efficiency and Accuracy of their Balance Sheet Reconciliation Process

Case Study

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Prior to implementing Adra, the company was struggling with a very manual approach using Excel and word files to manage and document their monthly reconciliation process.

Business Drivers to Automate

MAX Burgers was founded 1968 and is one of the largest hamburger restaurant chains in northern Sweden Today, they have 170+ restaurants worldwide, approximately 6,500 employees and have an annual revenue exceeding 3 billion SEK. Not only was MAX Burgers struggling to keep up with the day-to-day workload, but they were also challenged with having to onboard new employees to keep up with their rapid growth. “We knew implementing an automated solution would standardize our processes to better help us onboard new team members,” continued Lehtonen.

One of the biggest driving factors for us to look for a solution was that our leadership team did not have the visibility into the status of our reconciliation process which led to a lack of confidence in what we were disclosing each month.”

Birgitta Lehtonen Accountant

Why Adra® by Trintech?

When it came time to evaluate vendors to automate their balance sheet reconciliations, MAX Burgers only engaged with Trintech. “We had a previous (and very positive) relationship with Trintech, having deployed their Adra Accounts solution (legacy high-volume matching solution) several years ago,” said Lehtonen. “This gave us confidence in choosing them to help us automate our reconciliation process with Adra Balancer.”

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We are no longer burdened with emailing our auditors supporting documentation because everything they need is tracked and available in Adra.”

Birgitta Lehtonen Accountant

Move from Adra Accounts to Adra Matcher

After deploying Adra Balancer in 2018, MAX Burgers was interested in learning more about how to get the most out of the Adra Suite consists of Adra Balancer (balance sheet reconciliation), Adra Matcher (transaction matching), Adra Task Manager (financial task management and controls), and Adra Analytics (reporting).

In 2021, MAX Burgers made the decision to implement Adra Matcher to replace Adra Accounts to drive greater efficiency across their process. “The transition from Adra Accounts to Adra Matcher was seamless – so much so that I was able to do the transition all by myself,” continued Lehtonen.

In addition, MAX Burgers has experienced a much easier onboarding of new employees with the solution. “Because Adra is so intuitive and easy to use, it is very abnormal to come across someone having trouble using the solution.” MAX Burger’s auditors were also already very familiar using the Adra Suite for other companies which was another significant benefit realized.

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