How We Serve Finance and Accounting Leaders

Giving Finance and Accounting Leaders The Insights Needed to Drive Strategic Decisions Across the Organization

As the CFO, your key challenge is to enable and build your finance organisation to become a strategic partner to the business and provide that strategic insight that ensure your organisation grows for the benefit of your employees, shareholders and other key external stakeholders.

In your role, you need to balance the requirements of external headwinds created by the current economic and geo-political situations, whilst ensuring  your regulatory reporting is efficient , accurate and timely and providing a modern working environment that will attract talent that will add value to your operation thus achieving that goal of becoming a strategic partner.

Trintech can provide the solution to help you to build a solid foundation to ensure a faster more efficient monthly close process and give you the confidence that your balance sheet is strong.

What Our Customized Solutions Solve

Strategic Insight

Automation is the catalyst that will enable your team to spend more time reviewing and analysing the data…likely your team is currently spending 80% of the time preparing it. Getting the data right first time will build confidence with your internal customers and accurate data is the cornerstone of a dynamic approach to forecasting & planning.

Automating reconciliation and financial close processes with real time visibility allows Finance and Accounting leaders to move away from managing and maintaining data and look ahead to provide that Strategic Insight. Streamline workflow processes to empower your team to work smarter not harder.

Operational Resilience

Building a strong foundation in your finance operation will help build resilience across the teams, making the organisation more agile for the future. Reducing the use of spreadsheets, standardisation of tasks and the reduction of manual activities will simplify the control framework and reduce the risks of errors, fraud and mis-statement. Using technology to integrate and transform data and using automation to drive efficiency and visibility in your Balance sheet reconciliations, high volume matching, intercompany , journal entry and increasing automation in the close process will improve the speed and quality of the close and also reduce the impact of people churn with training & knowledge retention. A modern finance operation will attract new talent as it allows you to build career paths that will fulfil the needs of our modern day accountants.

Empower the Team

Change is inevitable in the commercial world but the key is empowering and enabling your team to manage and adapt to it. Deployment of ERPs has frequently resulted in creating gaps and weakness for Finance teams that then has to be plugged with increased manual activities, controls and workarounds. All of these put additional pressure on the team and impact quality. Modifying the ERP is a significant investment and slow to deploy.
A dedicated cloud platform built for finance and based on the needs of finance operation can deliver quick benefits and delivered in such a way to minimise the impact on the daily operation. Your team understand the process and challenges and so with the use of technology, development of policy and refinement of process, your team is empowered to deliver a more modern finance operation.

Trintech makes getting it all done possible. It enables and empowers the organization to run at peak performance. With cleaner, faster data inputs comes richer, timely analysis and the ability to do high-value problem solving and strategic thinking. By allowing the technology to do what it is built to do and enabling employees to focus on more engaging and productive work, our finance team can see greater value not only from a budget perspective, but also in having a foundation from which to build or enhance a workplace culture that is more likely to attract talent and boost employee morale.

Tom Walker CFO, Dallas Cowboys

“Our Trintech solution provides the team with exactly what they need in a standardized format, so they aren’t wasting time chasing items down during the period end close. Prior to Trintech, it was just ‘do and no time for review’. Because the process has sped up considerably, our team now has time to analyze the data and provide key, strategic information back to the business.”

Gillian Gallimore Group Financial Controller

How We Serve Your Team

Trintech’s financial automation solutions do the heavy lifting as they streamline workflows and improve collaboration so teams across the organization can focus on high-value work that increases overall profitability and productivity.