Day in the Life of a Modern Accountant


Simplifying the Month-End with Adra by Trintech

If you are using traditional accounting tools such as spreadsheets, binder methods, and other rudimentary processes, your month-end is probably hard. You are more than likely spending weeks uploading, locating, and reconciling transactions manually. Let alone working out who does what to get the month closed out. This leads to late nights, wearing down employee morale and causing burnout.

Modern accounting teams are simplifying their month-end with Adra’s financial close software. In this video, we compare two F&A team members from different organizations — One who performs their month-end duties manually, and the other who utilizes Adra by Trintech.

If you want to see a more detailed overview of Addison’s day-to-day within the Adra solution, you can download the related on-demand webinar.