Maximize Your ERP Investment

Maximize Your ERP Investment

Adra’s automated financial close solutions can help bridge the gaps outside of your ERP

Integrate Your ERP With Financial Close Software

The financial ecosystem, ranging from ERP systems to close management software to financial planning and analysis (FP&A), contains a myriad of organizational and operational data. As businesses handle thousands of figures, from general ledger balances to balance sheet reconciliations, it’s understandable that navigating the month-end close with disjointed documents can be overwhelming.

It’s a common myth that ERP systems can easily handle all financials, all the way up to the financial close. In fact, many organizations find themselves migrating outside of their ERPs and completing the close with spreadsheets and other legacy tools. Without a central solution in place, finance teams are struggling to reconcile and match balances in a timely manner, essentially leading to an increase in risk and reporting errors.

While incorporating an automated close solution to your financial stack may seem burdensome, doing so enables accounting teams to dedicate their hours to value-added activities. We hope you will find these resources beneficial to help your organization thrive when integrating your ERP system, or systems, to financial close software.



Incorporate an Automated Close Solution

The Adra Suite of Solutions allows you to improve the efficiency, control, and visibility of all key areas of the financial close process.



Bridge Your ERP Gaps with Financial Automation

Finance teams often migrate outside of the ERP landscape and utilize legacy tools to tediously balance and match transactions, as well as prepare for auditing...

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