Demo: Automated Balance Sheet Reconciliations with Adra Balancer

See how Adra Balancer brings the speed, accuracy, and control you crave to your balance sheet reconciliation process so your preparers can focus on key accounts.

Adra Balancer provides an array of benefits for your organization including:

Greater Efficiency

Mountains of data that used to grind your operation to a halt can now be processed in a fraction of the time with better results. You’ll experience a significant uptick in efficiency during the reconciliation process as time-consuming manual tasks like data entry and document management are eliminated or greatly reduced.

Risk Mitigation

Automation deminishes the potential for human error from the reconciliation process, preventing anomalous entries and problematic accounting discrepancies. By neutralizing errors before they manifest on financial statements, your risk is dramatically reduced.

Complete Audit Trails

No more dreading internal or external audits! Adra Balancer automatically generates a comprehensive audit trail that integrates and records all comments, changes and approvals that were part of the reconciliation process, enabling you to breathe easier and focus on the next task.

Financial team discussing month-end close

“We load around 700 accounts into Adra monthly, and about 450 of those accounts are only reconciled quarterly. It is much easier to auto-reconcile our low-value accounts with Adra Balancer because we have the ability to set up rules so we are not having to make decisions every time there’s a new account added.”


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Discover a Comprehensive Solution

Adra Balancer is part of Trintech’s Adra Suite of Solutions which offers financial close automation software specifically built for commercial-size businesses. The Adra Suite works together to automate and streamline your processes, improve accuracy, and reduce risk. The suite seamlessly integrates with many ERPs, allowing you to close faster with confidence.