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Simplify the Close for the Office of Finance Within the Retail and E-Commerce Industries

Automate to streamline your close and effectively handle the increasing complexities and future innovation of these industries.

Manage Complex, High-Volume Transactions Within An Integrated Solution

Traditionally, accountants in retail, e-commerce, and restaurant organizations have been able to handle the close process with spreadsheets and manual processes. However, COVID-19 brought new changes that have become impossible to manage with the traditional financial close methods. For example, the significant rise in the use of 3rd-Party services has added extra complexity to the Office of Finance. In fact, spending on meal delivery services such as Uber Eats and Grubhub increased by 70% in 2020.

In order to grow and adapt to the changing demands and behaviors of consumers, restaurants, retail, and e-commerce organizations must enable their finance functions to keep up. With the support of financial automation software like the Adra Suite, accountants can effectively close the books on time and deliver the critical business insights that is needed to keep pace with the market.

Explore the challenges that the retail, e-commerce, and restaurant industries are facing and how to effectively solve them.

Handle 3rd-Party Payment Reconciliations

Discover the challenges of the modern retail and e-commerce space, and learn how Adra streamlines your close process.



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