ERP Connectors

Pre-built integrations for SAP®, Oracle® and NetSuite®


Many organizations are encumbered with multiple ERP instances or even multiple ERP vendors. These organizations depend heavily on their ERP(s) to manage daily operations, and its financial information must be accurately incorporated into the financial close process. To quickly connect this data with Cadency’s transformative System of Controls, the solution’s pre-built connectors are built in the ERP’s native language and seamlessly connect, even to multiple environments. Cadency is ERP agnostic, offering the ability to support all instances of ERPs and GL systems, including SAP®, Oracle®, NetSuite® and many more for complete visibility across all business units and geographies.

Cadency Gateway provides customers with an immensely flexible solution that can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of requirements without expensive and time-consuming custom development and maintenance. It provides bi-directional connectivity to/from Cadency and your systems of record (including your ERP) in order to move key data to help your R2R operation to perform more efficiently.


  • Alleviates the time required to develop custom integration code to automate financial close activities
  • Reduces reliance on internal IT maintenance and support
  • Retrieves data required for the reconciliation and close process automatically
  • Integrates with multiple ERP instances and vendors to one central solution for the Record to Report process


SAP® ConnectorSAP® Connector

Maximize your SAP investment with Trintech's pre-built SAP-Certified Connector for Cadency.

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Oracle® ConnectorOracle® Connector

Maximize your Oracle investment with Trintech's Silver-level Partner Oracle Connector for Cadency.

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NetSuite® ConnectorNetSuite® Connector

Maximize your NetSuite investment with Trintech's pre-built NetSuite Connector for Cadency.

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Cadency GatewayCadency Gateway

Cadency Gateway provides customers an immensely flexible solution that can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of requirements without expensive and time-consuming custom development and maintenance.

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Cadency ERP Connector Product Brochure

Cadency's Connectors for ERP Systems While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed...

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Cadency's SAP® Connector with AR/AP Invoice Posting

With our SAP® certified connectors for ECC6 and S/4HANA, we provide an efficient and effective solution to extracting GL balances and transactions, while also facilitating real-time journal entry and invoice postings back to SAP®. In this example, we are driving further efficiency and control in the intercompany process with Cadency simultaneously raising both AR and AP invoices in SAP, while also performing dynamic tax lookups and calcs using the tax tables from SAP® (the system of record).

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