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Don’t give into the madness that manual methods and spreadsheets cause your office of finance.

Achieve a Faster, Cheaper, More Accurate Close

Provide your office of finance with better tools for the financial close.

Since the creation of spreadsheets in the 1980s, the office of finance has primarily been executing the financial close process by utilizing many different versions of spreadsheets. However, this outdated approach is time-consuming and causes many monthly close complications such as a lack of visibility and control, misplaced data, broken formulas, and increased compliance risk, among other issues.

Finance and accounting are crucial components of every organization’s health, growth, and future. The financial close tools they use should reflect the roles they are expected to fulfill such as providing actionable, business-critical insights, and creating strategic value for the company.

Spreadsheets alone cannot properly support accountants for these roles…now is the time to automate with Adra.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the benefits that financial automation can provide your office of finance.

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Eliminate Manual Madness From Your Financial Processes

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How To Automate For A More Accurate, Faster and Cheaper Financial Close

The office of finance faces greater pressure to ensure the integrity of the close. Learn how to treat weaknesses in your process and streamline your close.

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Why A Traditional, Manual Balance Sheet Reconciliation Process Is Risky For Your Organization

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The Benefits of Financial Automation In Your Balance Sheet Reconciliation Process

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