Cadency’s SMART Platform

Cadency’s SMART Platform leverages SMART Control, SMART Data, SMART Automation and SMART Workflow to deliver a configurable cloud software solution that is system agnostic and driven by the needs and feedback of customers to support the often complex and complicated R2R process from end to end. This platform offers unique, powerful solutions to some of the most complex accounting challenges and readily scales as the financial transformation journey evolves and businesses grow.


Smart DataSmart Data

Organizations now demand data to be integrated, real-time, first-time right with volume capability. Data can move from Cadency to and from the ERP via connectors and from Cadency to Business Intelligence tools via Data as a Service.

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Smart ControlSmart Control

Cadency enables organizations to provide SMART Control, transparency and visibility with our native System of Controls where all R2R processes are standardized within a single holistic solution, ensuring effectiveness and reducing overall risk during your financial close.

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Smart AutomationSmart Automation

Sub process automation combined with risk-based capability in Cadency enables finance teams to focus on high risk transactions or processes, add value to the finance deliverables and provide insight to help drive continuous improvement.

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Smart WorkflowSmart Workflow

Cadency provides extensive capability to enable teams in diverse locations and departments to collaborate and to enable the appropriate approvals to ensure data accuracy while providing full audit trails. Not only do teams get increased visibility and transparency, they are able to work more efficiently, no matter the location.

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Cadency Record to Report Process Automation

Modernize your Office of Finance with Cadency Record to Report Process Automation Cadency's SMART Controls combine all Record to Report (R2R) activities, including reconciliation, variance...

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Trintech's 2022 Benchmark Report

The Office of Finance has evolved over the last couple of years as digitization and the automation of manual work, in areas like the financial close process, have taken center stage – reinforcing that as times change, finance teams must adapt, to not only stay competitive in the market but to get the actual work done in a timely manner, as well.

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By spanning across all R2R activities, Cadency ensures a single version of the truth and can help your company completely transform its financial processes to best in class levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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