How Cadency User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line

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With the Cadency 9.0 release, some exciting new features have been added to enhance usability and transform the overall user experience of the Cadency platform. These features focus on elevating Cadency’s System of Controls (SOC) to help you reduce time spent on tasks and drive greater efficiencies in workflows.

We aim to exceed your expectations of using a modernized, intuitive R2R solution. Whether you are looking to onboard new graduates or have high turnover rates, you know the importance of having a tool that is easy-to-use and has a short learning curve. Our user-centric focus on enhancing usability across the Cadency platform caters to your needs.

Unified Platform Experience with the New Sidebar Navigation

To begin, the Cadency navigation has been converted to a collapsible sidebar navigation to allow users to have additional screen space to work. The top bar navigation, where users navigate to different processes within Cadency, still remains but has gotten a new facelift. The new sidebar navigation contains additional menu items for each Cadency process (e.g. Reconciliation Certify, Journal Entry, Reconciliation Match, Close, and Compliance). This sidebar navigation follows industry best-practices and can be seen in your everyday experiences with large online retailers and productivity tools. It also includes elements of the current navigation that existing users are familiar with to ease the transition to the new navigation style. In addition to enhancing usability and providing additional workspace, a user can now navigate to any page with a single click. Careful consideration was taken along with feedback from users and employees to ensure we’re providing the best user experience.


New User Interface for Reconciliation Match

Mirroring the reliable features and functionality that customers have today, Match now features a new, modernized user interface comparable to leading B2C productivity tools. This new user interface includes enhanced usability and intuitive, easy-to-use standardized functionality. These usability enhancements serve as a model for future updates across the Cadency platform.


Enhanced Usability with Standardized Table Functionality

With the release of Match in Cadency 9.0 in combination with our ongoing usability enhancements, standardized table functionality has been introduced to Cadency. A few standardized table features include search, filter and sort. As of the latest release, these features are available across Match, in Certification, Journal Entry and are continuing to be added across the Cadency platform. In addition, the modernization of existing tables provides enhanced performance while loading and saving data.

Reporting Portal Upgrades

New, upgraded reporting functionality has also been released with our new reporting portal, available in Cadency 9.0. The new reporting portal features a streamlined reporting platform across the entire Cadency platform. It includes all of the features users utilize today, such as standardized reports, reporting roles for an added layer of security, filters, report color themes and a variety of export options. You can also continue to access reporting directly through a link in the Cadency navigation. Depending on the process you are in within Cadency, you will be directly navigated to the related area within the reporting portal (e.g. Journal Entry to Journal Entry reports). The new reporting portal features a clean, modernized user interface. It opens in a new tab alongside Cadency, where all reporting tasks are completed for a more streamlined experience. Additional functionality has also been added to send a success and/or failure notification while scheduling a job, enabling users to better troubleshoot.


With each release, Cadency continues to evolve and include even more usability enhancements. We continue to focus on enhancing the overall user experience and driving greater efficiencies in your R2R process, while reducing time spent on tasks.

Written By: Stacey Boyle