Reduce the time and risk associated with testing controls and supporting audits

Regulatory Compliance Challenges

Beyond regulations, financial compliance is fraught with monetary and reputational risk. Cadency Compliance mitigates potential missteps by focusing efforts on the most appropriate controls and highlighting critical issues in the R2R process and beyond. Also, its uniquely configurable key controls prioritize remediation, adding even more efficiency and effectiveness to this set of tasks.


  • Admins can focus on chronological compliance phases with holistic and granular views
  • Managers can connect supporting evidence to specific regulatory efforts through solution integration
  • Executive leadership sets risk tolerances for Risk Intelligent RPATM to follow in control testing

How It Works

With a focus on streamlining, Cadency Compliance enables the automation and documentation of corporate and regulatory compliance, by implementing your financial governance model throughout the entire Record to Report process. By utilizing your critical controls, issues are flagged as soon as they arise, and the solution creates a centralized record of multiple compliance initiatives.

Key Benefits

Ensure VisibilityEnsure Visibility

Document and automate any compliance initiative

Build ConnectionsBuild Connections

Test shared controls are efficient and effective

Maintain RecordsMaintain Records

Capture compliance and supporting material in an eBinder

Establish ProtectionEstablish Protection

Safeguard Cloud data with a secure single-tenant model

Exception HandlingException Handling

Tackle any issues with efficiency and clarity

Cadency provides us with true visibility into the status of every general ledger reconciliation and increases compliance and accountability throughout our organization.

Dr. Pepper Snapple

Transformative System of Financial Controls

Cadency is the only System of Financial Controls that weaves all R2R activities into a single, seamless process. By producing your financial statements in a centralized location through one seamless platform, you can strengthen your regulatory compliance on a global scale.

Does Your Enterprise Use the ServiceNow® Platform?

Discover CadencyDirect® – the only native Built on Now® application for the ServiceNow Platform that is designed specifically for the unique needs of the Office of Finance. Powered by Trintech’s industry-leading solution Cadency, ServiceNow customers can leverage the benefits of the System of Accounting IntelligenceTM while enabling Now Platform users across the business with native workflows and triggers.

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Other Cadency Processes

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Take control of your error-prone and complex account reconciliation process

Close Management

Take control of the time and energy required to complete the period-end close

High-Volume Transaction Matching

Reduce the time and risk associated with the transaction matching process


Create a reliable, predictable and efficient intercompany accounting process

Journal Entry

Reduce risk and drive efficiency by automating your journal entry process

Variance Analysis

Gain visibility and control with timely analysis