Navigating and Accelerating Financial Insights and Remote Workforces

In the midst of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic businesses are struggling to address this external threat and the need for real-time financial information and insight is critical to enable businesses to make crucial decisions. Additionally, many finance & accounting (F&A) teams across the globe are navigating unchartered waters as they approach the next close cycle with a dispersed, remote workforce. The need for accuracy, control and transparency hasn’t changed, it just has to be done remotely and with potentially legacy process and practices that don’t lend themselves to dispersed workforces. Now, more than ever, standardization, automation, visibility across the organization and access to real-time insights are essential to run your business. As a leading provider of financial software solutions, Trintech is here to support your business as you navigate the new “normal” of working remotely. We will continually add resources as they become available. Follow our blog & social media for the latest.

Four Ways Cadency Enables a Virtual Close

Organizations have gone from the traditional close cycle at the end of the month to almost daily close scenarios as they try to gain insights from the financial data and determine the real-time impact of the unprecedented global economic downturn. Covid-19 is not the new normal – but the change it is forcing will be. As a leading provider of financial software solutions, Trintech is here to support your business as you look for ways to embrace the advantages that technology provides in accelerating the digitalization of the Finance functions. Here are four of Trintech’s Record to Report experts to explain how Cadency enables your virtual close.


Today’s close environment has never been more complex due to more data, more regulations, shorter deadlines and a remote environment. In addition, financial reporting is rapidly evolving as organizations look to further streamline their finance function through transformation initiatives and maximize their investments in technologies.


How To Prepare Your Organization For the Future of Financial Automation

Explore what challenges organizations are facing in their Record to Report process, what goals they have in mind when looking to improve, & better understand what the future of R2R automation looks like. Trintech & The Hackett Group surveyed almost 200 companies to learn where organizations are in terms of maturity, what their biggest roadblock sare, & where automation can be adopted in the future.


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To better understand what the future of automating the R2R process looks like, Trintech surveyed almost 200 companies across 31 countries to discover what has been automated, what is currently in the process of being automated and where organizations are looking to adopt automation in the future.

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Enabling a Remote Office of Finance Through Technology

Discover how to build a roadmap for financial transformation that will deliver cost savings, reduce risks, improve visibility, promote a faster close and improve resource optimization across your remote office of finance.

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6 Changes That Come With a Virtual Close

Download this eBook to discover six changes that COVID-19 has brought to the office of finance, and insight from both KPMG and Trintech into what organizations can do to adapt to the “new normal”.

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The Future of the Office of Finance and Working Remotely

As the workforce ages and new technologies emerge, the expectations of corporate employees have evolved. Discover how incoming generations’ expectations of work environments and technology impact the office of finance.


Keeping Your Financial Close On Track When Working Remotely

Accounting teams need a solution that allows CFOs and Controllers to track what their accountants are working on, what the completion status of those tasks are, and have access to documentation and commentary during the entire close cycle.


Customer Success & Support

We understand the critical role our solutions play in your organization for providing visibility into financial management activities, especially during this time, as workforces are shifting to a remote environment. Increased transparency to the business is paramount as we are not currently able to walk to our neighbor’s desk to gain insight on task statuses during the month-end close.

The Trintech Professional Services team has pivoted our implementation model to effectively conduct onsite design and training sessions remotely. We are leveraging video conferencing to promote the feeling of “onsite” presence and keep the teams connected and focused.

Trintech is committed to providing the same high level of service and partnership to our clients by leveraging available technology. We already have a successful track record of performing these activities remotely and have a history of meeting “Go-Live” targets for later-stage engagements. Our team is standing by and ready to help you as you navigate the new “normal” of working remotely.

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For companies that have the security and resources available, the return on investment calculated in their business cases is still applicable when it comes to considering Record to Report (R2R) transformations, associated cost savings and efficiencies.

As your dedicated support team, we are committed to your success and are ready to help you finish out your close by providing the same high level of service while working remotely.







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