ERP Bots

High-value automation, native in the ERP, for the Record to Report process


ERP Bots are software agents that run on the ERP system and are triggered by activities during the R2R process via an ERP connector or API, such as the Cadency Close Task API. The primary purpose of these bots is to allow organizations to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in their ERP systems.

For example, during the posting of intercompany journal entries to an ERP system, you may want to post the AP and AR invoices concurrently to both subledgers, validating that they both post, or reverse the change. Historically, the human intervention necessary to complete this task presented a tangible risk due to the potential for manual errors and it was also a time-consuming endeavor. However, the ERP Bots’ unique sequencing, validation and error-handling routine enables organizations to avoid this risk and can be extended to perform other actions such as triggering tax calculations or creating invoices for AP/AR entries.

With our customers’ needs driving our innovations, Trintech has developed and launched ERP Bots that are connected to Cadency via the ERP connector for Journal Entry and/or the Close Action Plan Router (APR). As a result, these bots enable unique RPA workflows to be built, configured and supported by Trintech.


  • Decrease cost and improve quality of the Record to Report process
  • Remove risk associated with human intervention
  • Unique RPA workflows allow for time-saving workflow



Cadency ERP Bot Capabilities Brochure

Automation with Cadency ERP Bots Digital transformation efforts within the Office of Finance include a variety of automations that reduce manual efforts in the financial...

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Organizations are turning to technology to transform and revolutionize their Office of Finance with a System of Controls™ that enables an efficient close with accurate and reliable reporting. To further maximize efficiencies, many have started to deploy ERP Bots within their System of Controls to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in their ERP.

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With Trintech’s ERP Bots, we are providing Trintech software, sitting within our customers’ ERP environments which allows customers to automate activities directly in their ERP, using native technology, while also integrating real-time with Cadency Close to instantaneously update the status of completed tasks.

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