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New Technology for a New Decade

Leg warmers, car phones, dial up, and spreadsheets have one thing in common–they were all created in the 80’s. However, despite their age, only one has remained consistently used, and unfortunately, it’s become the bedrock that many global organizations build their financial processes upon.

Despite their time consuming and error-prone nature, spreadsheets are utilized to keep track of billions of dollars’ worth of financial information. Excel has served organizations well since the 80’s, but we’re in 2020. It’s time to advance and automate.

Explore the resources below to learn how you can transform your office of finance.

5 Reasons Spreadsheets Are A Problem For Your Close

Businesses have come to rely upon spreadsheets so heavily that they’ve lost sight of their original purpose. Learn what has commonly been identified as the top five problems associated with spreadsheet usage – and how to overcome them.

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Eliminate Manual Madness From Your Financial Processes

It’s time to use your talented financial team to grow your business and reduce financial risk, not spend all their time on manual financial processes. Read this eBook to explore the then and now of key areas that best-in-class finance teams are improving to successfully close the books

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LKQ Corporation | The Evolution to a World-Class Finance & Accounting Organization

Learn how LKQ corporation, a world-class organization, moved away from manual processes and spreadsheets, implemented a continuous innovation strategy and transformed their finance & accounting departments with Cadency by Trintech.

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HP’s Financial Transformation Journey– Continuous Innovation Around People, Process & Technology

Hear how HP utilized Trintech’s solutions to help them move past manual processes and transform their finance and accounting organization.

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Three Simple Reasons Why Spreadsheets Aren’t Reliable Automation for Your Financial Close

Despite their heavy usage, spreadsheets are not dependable tools for your Office of Finance. Learn why even automated spreadsheets cannot be relied upon for your financial close.

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