Adapting to a Virtual Close – 6 Changes within the Office of Finance

Resilience, Recovery and a New Reality for the Virtual Close Process: A Panel Discussion With KPMG

When the 2020 global pandemic hit, global businesses had to make the unexpected change to a virtual workforce. This large scale move cast doubt and uncertainty not only on the future of some organizations, but on the integrity of the work produced by the Office of Finance.

Trintech sat down with KPMG to discuss some of the challenge’s organizations face when adapting to a virtual financial close. Within this eBook, we explore six changes that COVID-19 has brought to the Office of Finance:

  1. Focus on Cybersecurity Increases
  2. Data Integrity Becomes Integral to Business Growth
  3. Global Visibility and Access to Data is Imperative
  4. Standardization and Process Improvement are Needed to Protect from Burnout
  5. Increased Need for Technology Investments
  6. Automation is Essential for Success

Download now to learn more about adapting to a virtual close and how implementing automation into financial processes will provide the control, visibility and insights finance and accounting teams need not only now, but in the future.


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