Trintecher Spotlight – Meet Brad Alexander!

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Brad Alexander is currently a Director of Account Development on the Sales team, but he has spent the majority of his 18 years at Trintech in several different roles as part of the Professional Services team. Brad and his wife Anita (whom he met at Trintech) have moved back and forth “like tumbleweeds” between Washington DC and Dallas for the last two years. Now that they’ve had their first child, they’ve decided to put down roots and settle in Dallas.

Shannon: Nice to meet you, Brad. Congratulations on your selection as this month’s Spotlight winner! I heard you have a new addition to your family.

Brad: Thanks! That’s right – our daughter Eloise is nine months old. And, for my first Father’s Day, she learned to crawl, and she hasn’t sat still since.

Shannon: Wow. That’s an excellent way to celebrate! So, tell us a little about your history here at Trintech.

Brad: I started on the Professional Services team and spent time on implementations and training. I worked up to team lead and then director before I moved into Customer Success and Sales roles.  Because of my time in Professional Services, my approach tends to be more consultative when I’m talking with customers.

Shannon: That’s an interesting path. What do you like most about your job now?

Brad: Well, now I really have a chance to engage customers in a more strategic way. I can connect with them in terms of true financial transformation. With my solution background, I can look for ways my customers can expand the use of existing products.  Since I’ve worked with many organizations over the years, I can also advise my customers on what others have done. I also really like being a facilitator.  I can bring companies in the same industry together for meaningful conversations they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have.

Shannon: I bet they really appreciate that. And, what do you think is key to your success?

Brad: I believe strongly in elevating the customer experience. Not only is that a personal goal of mine, but I believe this applies in a larger way to Trintech as an organization. What can we do to better support our customers? For me, that starts with listening. I need to know what my customers’ challenges are. Whether there ends up being a sale or not, I put their interests first. For Trintech, that means investing in things like UI/UX (user interface/user experience), training, innovation portal, and customer group events. We want to empower our customers with ease of use, product knowledge and a voice for product enhancements.

Shannon: You sound like a true customer advocate. What changes have you seen in our industry since you joined Trintech?

Brad: I think the biggest change in the software technology industry has been the adoption of cloud-based software services. Data security has improved over the years as well as consumer confidence in Cloud-based solutions. Adoption rates have certainly increased, just not as quickly as providers of the service first thought.

Shannon: Is that true for Trintech, as well? What’s changed?

Brad: It is. Trintech has been offering cloud services for over 10 years. In fact, I was assigned to our first cloud implementation. It was a ReconNET customer who went live in 2005. I believe the biggest change in the market as a whole is that people have become comfortable with using the cloud for their own personal data. These days, everyone has a smartphone, and they save their pictures to the cloud, and update apps on their phone from the cloud. Now that people have that kind of familiarity, companies are left with a simple decision based on cost and expertise, because the user experience is the same.

Shannon: What would you tell customers who are hesitant to switch to the cloud?

Brad: While there is no silver bullet to answering that question, I like starting with a consultative approach. I first try to understand their specific reservations, and then have a conversation to address their concerns.  My goal is to facilitate a better understanding so customers can see the switch to the cloud can be an advantageous one.