What All CFOs Need to Know about Cloud-Based Software Solutions

According to Gartner, the Cloud will be the default option for software deployments by 2020. However, many financial professionals and their IT team members are concerned about the security of their data in solutions that are not on-premise.

To help you understand how to keep your data safe while still allowing your IT team to stay focused on mission critical business activities, view this webinar where we will discuss:

  • How to define key parameters in your cloud vendor selection process
  • How cloud-based vendor-provided solutions empower your IT department to stay focused on your crucial business needs
  • Myths surrounding cloud solutions
  • On-premise software limitations
  • Options for protecting and storing your data
  • How to help protect against security breaches
  • Network redundancy and failover capability to help ensure disaster recovery
  • TCO advantages of cloud vs. on-premise solutions
  • How to work with your IT team to evaluate cloud providers

Fully understanding the cloud environment and all that it offers, will enable your company to make more informed decisions in regard to the timing and scope of your cloud strategy and IT infrastructure.