System of Integration: How to Implement the SAP-Certified Connector for Cadency®

For companies running SAP®, integrating ERP data with other systems can be a costly, complex and challenging activity. This is primarily due to the need for strong integration to ensure compatibility with SAP, a necessity to support SAP upgrades and enhancements, and the requirement for both a secure and easy implementation and ongoing support.

To help you maximize the value of your ERP investment, Trintech has created an unparalleled pre-built SAP-certified connector for Cadency®. Now, you will be able to seamlessly connect and use your data in Cadency, the world’s only comprehensive System of Controls that weaves all Record to Report activities into a single, seamless process.

Trintech works closely with SAP, and its Cadency SAP Connector is certified on SAP ECC6 and SAP S/4HANA. The connector offers:

  • Installation via SAP Add-On Installation tools (SAINT) and framework
  • Usage of the “Trintech” SAP namespace to prevent interference with other components
  • Testing performed by SAP to ensure it is secure and meets all “SAP Readiness Check” requirements

To learn how you can easily implement the SAP-Certified Connector for Cadency, check out this video.

For additional information that covers the power of Cadency and SAP, please check out the following resources:

Cadency 8.0 and Cadency RPA and Journal Management (ERP Bots) have been SAP-certified for integration with both SAP S/4HANA® and powered by SAP NetWeaver®. These certifications also support deployment and compatibility with all earlier versions of SAP software.