Webinar: How an Application Programming Interface (API) Creates the Completeness in Your Financial Close Process

For most organizations, the Office of Finance is challenged with disparate systems for key functions like Payroll, Tax, Treasury, etc.. These systems of record are crucial parts of your organization’s overall process, however they aren’t equipped to handle tasks like workflow or gathering material for audits. By leveraging APIs, your Office of Finance can tie these disparate systems, programs or information together, extending and advancing the power of the application you are using to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial reporting.

View this webinar where we discuss:

  • What an API is
  • Why an API is critical to creating that completeness in the Record to Report process
  • How Trintech provides APIs that allow customers to link their unique Payroll, Tax, Treasury, etc. systems of record to their financial system of controls
  • Best practice examples