System of Automation

Further automate to focus time and effort on tasks that are more strategic to the business

After your organization utilizes the System of Integration (SOI) to connect your System of Controls (SOC) to your System of Record, Cadency’s System of Automation (SOA) automates your Record to Report (R2R) process further to ensure your processes are more efficient and effective. An SOA is comprised of ERP Bots that use Cadency to automate activities in your ERP and Risk Intelligent RPA (RI RPA) which automate low-value tasks to drive greater focus on higher-risk areas within your financial processes.

ERP Bots

With ERP Bots, you can maximize the value of Cadency’s strong connection to your ERP by enabling unique sequencing, validation and error-handling routines, avoiding the risk of manual errors and saving time by triggering related actions.

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Risk Intelligent RPA

With Risk Intelligent RPA, configure automated workflows based on your business’s risk tolerance so you can focus your team on the work that matters.

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Webinar: Financial Close Task Automation in SAP S/4HANA with ERP Bots

The big difference here is that Trintech is the only enterprise R2R provider with built in pre-integrated ERP Bots. The advantages of these Bots is...

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Cadency's ERP Bots

Download this info sheet to learn how Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence (SOAI) offers ERP Bots that employ RPA, enabling organizations to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in the office of finance’s IT environment.

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Automate Recurring Journal Entries with Cadency

With Automated Recurring Journal Entries, our customers can reduce the need of manually entering monthly or periodic journal entries. These entries can be set up on a predefined schedule and Cadency will automatically generate them, reducing manual effort while also providing a control dashboard into the journals processed or upcoming.


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