MM UKI – 2021 Benchmark Report

The 2021 Global Financial Close Benchmark Report

45% of respondents reported that their automation is still very basic and extends to only being able to export spreadsheets from their respective ERP systems.

Download the complete report to learn how COVID-19 exposed weaknesses in the financial close process and accelerated the path towards automation.

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I Am Constantly Performing Long, Repetitive Tasks Within the Close Process

If you are performing a lot of tasks manually, you can only expect your close process to become more time consuming as your business grows. The Adra Suite can help modernise your entire close process by increasing efficiency and standardising behavior.

I Am Bombarded With Excel Files, Emails and “Status Update” Meetings Throughout the Day

You provide updates verbally or through email, it’s time to modernise your process! The Adra Suite will help you spend less time providing updates to your manager and more time focusing on your work.

I Am Working Late and On Weekends On Repetitive Tasks That Could Be Done Faster

If you feel overworked, it’s time to standardise your internal processes. With our Adra Solution Suite, you can efficiently match transactions, automate balance sheet reconciliations, identify bottlenecks easily, and have complete visibility. Let us do the hard stuff so you can enjoy your weekends again.

I spend more time doing repetitive data entry than I do accounting

This is something we hear from team members all the time. The Adra Suite can assist with optimising your financial close by replacing the time-consuming, repetitive tasks and allow you to focus your time and expertise on higher-risk accounts.


reduction in time spent matching transactions
reduction in time on reconciling balance sheet
reduction in time spent on financial close process
What makes Adra the best financial close software on the market? See for yourself.

What They're Saying About Adra

The majority of our work was done manually. It was important for us to gain a better overview of our distribution of responsibilities as we expand across multiple countries. The time we have saved through the automation of our processes has resulted in us being able to focus on higher value-added activities.

Group Controller at Protector Insurance
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The team has been absolutely incredible to work with! From the sales staff to the implementation team, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them on our journey to find a software to help with our monthly reconciliations.

Controller at BankTEL Systems
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We have been using a simple reconciliation tool to handle our large volume of transactions, but after investigating the market, we felt we could get extra support and further cost savings with Adra.

Chief Cashier at Jewson
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We are using Adra Suite to reconcile bank and GL entries for about 100 accounts on each side. The benefit of Adra is that what took us close to a month to do manually now takes us a couple days.

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Before Adra, everything in our business was manual and based on spreadsheets. We had no visibility to easily see where a client was. With Adra, we took away many errors. I can see everything right there on the dashboard screen. It’s so much faster with a lot less room for errors.

Credit Manager at Heartland Payroll Solutions
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One place organization for all account reconciliations and dashboards to monitor the process. Our company has many entities in our ERP, each with an identical, complete chart of accounts. Adra provides the ability to group accounts, and with a certain set-up, the ability to group the same accounts across multiple entities.

Acccounting Manager
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The ease of using matcher to reconcile merchant service transactions. This is a time-consuming task that wastes a lot of person hours. Now with the new software, we have been able to speed up the closeout process and improve the efficiency, while also creating an audit trail.

Director fo Finance
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Adra Balancer for reconciliation of accounts digitalized a previously very cumbursome and inefficient process.

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