Webinar: How to Solve Your Intercompany Challenges

Overcoming Common Intercompany Challenges to Improve Processes and Reduce Risk

For growing multinational and enterprise companies, managing the intercompany reconciliation process flow is no easy feat. Organizations often deal with complex entity structures, multinational tax and transaction regulations, local laws and standards among other complexities, filling the process with the potential for human error that can impact a company’s financial statements.

So how can organizations ensure their intercompany reconciliation processes run smoother and with lower risk?

View this webinar where Trintech discusses:

  • Challenges and risks faced by manually managing intercompany accounting
  • How a System of Controls with preventative and detective controls can prevent bottlenecks and disputes at period-end
  • Next steps your organization can take to improve your intercompany processes


Syril Mathai, Trintech

David Woodall, Trintech