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Traditional journal entry is a time-intensive, error-prone process. As you are well aware, inaccurate, missing, or scattered documentation will create dangerous issues for your enterprise. What’s more – poor visibility into this process makes errors and bottlenecks all that more likely to occur.

The most efficiently-performing organizations manually process 10% or fewer of their journal entry line items, greatly reducing the time, errors, and expense often associated with this process. How does yours compare?


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AgriBank uses Trintech’s reconciliation solution for its reconciliation process to improve financial controls AgriBank selected Trintech based upon its highly configurable solution. Trintech’s reconciliation solution is secure, transparent and comprehensive, allowing AgriBank to save significant time, cost and resources throughout its financial close process. Since implementation, AgriBank has achieved greater efficiency, improved financial controls, standardized processes and more effective monitoring. To learn more, download the full case study. About AgriBank…

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