Extending Your Now Platform® with CadencyDirect®

Drive Digital Transformation by Automating and Connecting the Office of Finance to the Enterprise

Create a Holistic Enterprise Ecosystem While Empowering the Office of Finance

One of the CIO’s most important responsibilities is to drive agility and success through the digital enablement of all business units throughout the enterprise. To accomplish this, it has become clear that there is a critical need for digital enablement of one department in particular: the Office of Finance.

Today’s finance teams are expected to support the entire organization through the delivery of data insights, strategy development, revenue optimization and more. But because finance and accounting (F&A) still operates with legacy tools and manual processes, the department has historically functioned in isolation from the rest of the business.

Additionally, the average F&A team is not as efficient, accurate or agile as they need to be when it comes to supporting the business and meeting reporting deadlines due to their current tools. Without access to real-time data from F&A teams, the entire enterprise is at risk of experiencing a significant loss of potential success in the market.

It is up to the Office of the CIO to not only facilitate connectivity between the entire organization (i.e.: IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal and more) and the Office of Finance, but also prioritize the automation of F&A processes to empower accountants to provide the critical data and support that the organization requires to be successful.

Unlock Your Organization’s Digital Potential with ServiceNow® and Trintech

Together, Trintech and ServiceNow® build connections between historically siloed disciplines by linking and automating the financial close process throughout the enterprise. As an Elite Technology Partner, Trintech provides a solution that helps create a connected organization and opens the door to enterprise-wide transformation through a shared futuristic vision.

CadencyDirect® by Trintech is a native Built on Now® application and is the only financial close automation application with digital workflows designed for the unique needs of the Office of the CFO to drive financial close processes while allowing the organization to access valuable data and insights like never before.

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Discover CadencyDirect

CadencyDirect integrates F&A teams into the Now Platform®, extending your current investment while creating a user-friendly, inter-connected ecosystem that drives speed, agility, resilience and security among all business departments. This means that other key stakeholders across the business will have visibility into financial data on their own and in real-time to drive confident decision-making. As a result, the organization will unlock a whole new level of success.

CadencyDirect's Key Benefits for IT

Eliminate the need for custom code from ITEliminate the need for custom code from IT
Allow IT Teams to focus on higher-value activitiesAllow IT Teams to focus on higher-value activities
Extend ROI of existing ServiceNow® investmentExtend ROI of existing ServiceNow® investment

How It Works

CadencyDirect is uniquely positioned to automate the Office of Finance while leveraging existing ServiceNow® triggers and workflows allowing the organization to:

    • Gain visibility and insights into their month-end process
    • Eliminate the risk of unmanaged manual intervention
    • Increase efficiency of accounting and other supported processes, regardless of where they sit in the organization
    • Reduce heavy IT involvement, such as custom code creation, to allow the Office of the CIO to focus on other, value-adding activities

Powered by Cadency®, Trintech’s industry-leading Record to Report (R2R) automation solution, CadencyDirect reduces the risk of human error within finance processes and creates a connected, collaborative ecosystem between the organization and F&A department by leveraging deep automation, integration capabilities, and digital triggers and workflows.

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“As 21st century enterprises accelerate their digital transformation efforts, they understand the need to digitize workflows across every department to drive greater efficiencies and better employee experiences. For finance organizations, CadencyDirect complements and extends financial operations management so that CFOs and their teams can digitize workflows across the financial close process – reducing complexity and risk, accelerating the overall process, and driving a greater experience for finance teams.”

–Karel van der Poel, Senior Vice President, Product Incubation at ServiceNow

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Trintech is a ServiceNow Elite Partner

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Trintech is a ServiceNow® Elite Technology Partner

Together, Trintech and ServiceNow® build connections between historically siloed disciplines by linking and automating the financial close process throughout the enterprise. We help you create a connected organization that opens the door to enterprise-wide transformation, through a shared futuristic vision.

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