Adra Accounts by Trintech

A Simple Solution for Reliable Transaction Matching

Ready to rid your finance team of time-consuming, repetitive of transaction matching?

It’s time to replace manual matching errors and repetitive labor with an automated and standardized process. By using Adra Accounts, your finance team can improve the efficiency and reliability of this crucial process.
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Experience the Benefits of Adra Accounts

  • Gain visibility to focus on timely exceptions through capability-based search
  • Streamline reconciliations by setting flexible rules
  • Import files from multiple locations and formats
  • Fulfill your reporting process needs with actionable information
  • Reduce matching time and risk with exception management

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“We were using a simple reconciliation tool to handle our large volume of transactions but after investigating the market, we felt we could get extra support and further cost savings with Adra Accounts.”

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Jewson – Adra

To create more value on a daily basis and to eliminate manual tasks, Jewson has automated its processes using the Adra™ Suite of Solutions from Trintech.

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