A New Way to Work— Made Possible by Adra

Remote Work. Virtual Close. Insights at Your Fingertips. Ability to Adapt to A Changing Business Environment.

In the face of a changing business environment, Adra by Trintech provides the support your office of finance requires.

  • Greater efficiency. Adra not only provides cost and time savings for your organization but a faster close and less process complexity.
  • Reduced risk. Achieve reliable, high-quality reporting and immediate insights into the health of your financial close.
  • More confidence. Apply stronger organizational policies and controls to your processes, and feel secure in your financial reporting.
  • Seamless integration. Implement the Adra Suite to your financial close in a matter of days, and see benefits as soon as the first month.

Explore the resources below to learn more about how Adra can support your remote office of finance.

Accelerating the Financial Close For A Sustainable Future

Explore how financial automation helps companies tightly manage their performance and respond to unexpected risks in order to create impactful opportunities. Trintech and Baker Tilly provide tips on how financial close automation can help your business increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve controls and mitigate risk.


How to Strengthen Your Regulatory Reporting During COVID-19 and the Future

KPMG and Workiva discuss how COVID-19 and remote work have created challenges for the office of finance, and how you can enable confidence and control across your financial reporting.


Genesis Case Study

“I’m really glad we implemented both Adra Task Manager and Balancer. We currently have part of our department working remotely, and our month-end would be almost impossible without Adra helping us keep track of where we are with our close since we aren’t a shout away from each other.” –Diane Foss, Director of Finance

Delve into one company’s implementation of Adra, including how it helped them seamlessly shift to a virtual workforce in the face of COVID-19.


4 Common Virtual Close Challenges

Discover your four most common virtual close challenges and how financial automation can help.


Queensland Case Study

Read how Queensland Airport was able to improve their control over the reconciliation process and gain real-time visibility into its progress with a virtual workforce through Adra.