SMART Automation

Further automate to focus time and effort on tasks that are more strategic to the business

Process automation combined with risk-based capability in Cadency enables finance teams to focus on high-risk transactions or processes, add value to the finance deliverables and provide insight to help drive continuous improvement. Cadency’s SMART Automation enables the modernization and transformation of the Office of Finance.

The elements of Cadency’s SMART Automation include:

  • Foundational Automation Cadency delivers immediate automation. Certification, Journal Entry, Match, Close and Compliance can all drive efficiencies and support policies and control frameworks. With real time data, teams can control their monthly processes with full visibility & transparency
  • Risk Automation: Enabling a Risk-based approach to identify high-risk items and ensure appropriate actions will help drive a more efficient and effective close. Risk automation takes a pro-active approach to monitor, activate and mitigate transactions to ensure high-risk items are prioritized.
  • R2R Activities Automation: Eliminating mundane and routine tasks allows finance teams to focus on high-value activities. This advanced automation facilitates a modern working environment to match the needs of future finance professionals.
  • Task Automation: Eradicate those individual steps of triggering activities in your ERP systems. Dependent activities can be triggered within the ERP system with this Task Automation and help eliminate manual activities.
Cadency's SMART Automation

Discover how Cadency's SMART Automation can help your Record to Report process.

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Cadency's ERP Bots

Download this info sheet to learn how Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence (SOAI) offers ERP Bots that employ RPA, enabling organizations to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in the office of finance’s IT environment.

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Automate Recurring Journal Entries with Cadency

With Automated Recurring Journal Entries, our customers can reduce the need of manually entering monthly or periodic journal entries. These entries can be set up on a predefined schedule and Cadency will automatically generate them, reducing manual effort while also providing a control dashboard into the journals processed or upcoming.


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