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Implement automated transaction matching – to efficiently and reliably reconcile any type of financial account

Adra Accounts for account reconciliation provides reliability and visibility to the transaction matching process by automating and standardizing your process. With Adra Accounts, it’s possible to reconcile practically any type of transaction including bank, cash, debit and credit cards, payroll and much more.

By eliminating the use of error-prone spreadsheets and allowing the solution guide you through the process, you’ll not only save time and reduce costs by working more efficiently, but also be able to ensure the reliability of your resulting balances.

Key benefits

Adra Accounts provides a large number of benefits for all personnel involved in the transaction matching process:

  • Automatic Reconciliations – Automate, standardize and visualize the processing of transactions
  • Time-Saving – Reduce the time you spend by implementing the solution’s uniform, user-friendly and effective work process
  • Speed and Performance – Efficiently process large quantities of data in seconds
  • Accuracy – Unrivalled accuracy and advanced logic for correctly matched results
  • Exception Management – Focus on the exceptions that matter while mitigating risk
  • Cloud-based – No installation needed and always easy to access
  • Forward-thinking – A flexible and scalable solution that grows with your company
  • Integration with Adra Balancer – Seamless sign-off and substantiation of the balance sheet

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Control, Accuracy and Efficiency

Through a unified and logical presentation, transaction matching is automated and organized to give you improved efficiency, control, auditability, and visibility at all times. The transaction matching process in Adra Accounts also includes the automatic import and reconciliation of transactions, managing exceptions and even reporting.

Built for the User

Adra Accounts has over 25 years of reconciliation experience built in. The solution has been developed together with leading Finance experts and is easy to use. Accounts gives you full control over the process in each transaction reconciliation, and you can rely on the reconciliation being correct. All historic data is saved and is easily auditable.

Automatic, Intelligent Reconciliations

Accounts’ advanced business rules will determine how and at what intervals to reconcile each item. A number of flexible rules are used to securely and correctly reconcile all transactions. The data matching engine can rapidly process large volumes. Transactions that have not been covered by the automatic rules can be processed using the exception management capabilities.

Intelligent Exception Management

Adra Accounts’ powerful data matching engine sets intelligent business rules maximizing the match percentage and enabling you to focus on the exceptions that matter. Flexible search, sort and filter capabilities make it easy to quickly find and manage the remaining items. All relevant information relating to any transaction is shown, including dimensions, amounts, currency and references.

File import

Adra Accounts allows you to automatically import files in all common data formats from bank- and ERP systems. Files and accounts may be imported cross-company both ad-hoc or scheduled utilizing the advanced import engine. The import templates are effortless to setup using the built-in flexible Import Wizard.

Standard and Custom Reports

Accounts has a number of standard reports, including Excel and PDF exports of balances, open and reconciled items and variances. It is also possible to build flexible custom reports to meet all special report needs. With Crystal Reports as report engine, any data you have access to can become actionable information.

“We could never meet our deadlines for reconciliations every month without Adra. A manual system would mean that I could not do my job, or we would need more people. It’s hard to imagine that there has ever been any other way. Just reconciling the 90 Swedish stores would take several days a month, now it’s done in one hour.”
Anna Eriksson, Accounts Manager, Clas Ohlson

Case Study

Case Study


To create more value on a daily basis and to eliminate manual tasks, Jewson has automated its processes using the Adra™ Suite of Solutions from Trintech.

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