Account Reconciliation

How can you overcome your key challenges?

As one of the first steps in ensuring balance sheet integrity, your account reconciliation process has to be both accurate and consistent. Downstream processes, like financial statements, rely on the accuracy of reported balances and on-time reconciliations. Often, poor visibility or lack of automation can easily lead to errors and unexpected oversights.

Through traditional methods, 90% of accounting personnel’s time is spent simply completing reconciliations, and only 10% of it is spent actually analyzing the implications of the results. What could your organization accomplish if these percentages were reversed?


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Case Study


AstraZeneca uses Trintech’s reconciliation solution for account reconciliation to manage its multibillion-dollar balance sheet AstraZeneca struggled with a lack of standardization and visibility over its reconciliation process and wanted to achieve global standards in the account reconciliation process to eliminate inefficiencies, improve compliance, increase balance sheet visibility and reduce costs. It quickly realized that the only way it would achieve full global visibility and a world-class reconciliation process was to…

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